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Why Is My Electricity Bill So High?

Energy-Saving Strategies from Your Local Virginia & Maryland Electrician

Do you dread opening your electricity bill? Does it seem like your utility bill just keeps getting higher, no matter how good you are at turning off lights and appliances when you leave the room?

Life is stressful enough - you shouldn’t have to worry about supersized electricity bills. At EM2 Electrical Services, we’re here to offer tips and advice on keeping electricity costs low, whether that’s for your home or business. If you’re struggling with a high electricity bill, this article will take you through some of our favorite expert tips for lowering electricity costs.

Why Is My Electricity Bill So High?

Most buildings deal with the same electrical bill culprits, regardless of size. From our professional experience in electrical services, we often catch these 7 leading causes of increased electricity bills:

  • Faulty electrical systems

  • Outdated appliances

  • AC overuse

  • Energy hog appliances

  • Hot showers

  • Energy vampires

  • Poor lighting

Some of these are quick fixes: unplugging your devices after they finish charging, changing a few lightbulbs, or upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances. Others will take the help of a professional electrician, whether that’s installing a ceiling fan or conducting an inspection of your home electrical system. For those, we’re here to help with a team of local electricians ready to support you on your way to an energy-efficient home or business.

Keep reading to learn how each cause affects your energy bills - and how to minimize the damage.

Problem #1: Faulty electrical systems

Solution: Find a local electrician to conduct an energy audit and electrical safety inspection of your home.

Your residential or commercial electrical system needs to be regularly assessed - not just for safety but for efficiency. There are so many things that can go wrong because of deterioration over time, improper installation, faulty wiring, or electrical accidents. Outdated or damaged electrical systems aren’t just inefficient - they’re also dangerous. A licensed electrician can assess the electrical system in your home or business to evaluate which elements of your electrical system are underperforming and the next steps you can take to save on long-term costs.

Problem #2: Outdated appliances

Solution: Upgrade old appliances and opt for something more energy-efficient.

They may be small, but old appliances like that ancient TV in your basement or the fridge you kept from the 1980s can be major energy users. The upfront cost of purchasing a new appliance far outweighs the long-term price of using an inefficient one. Think about how long you’ve had some of your appliances for, and if it’s over the life expectancy - or nearing it - start looking for an upgrade.

Problem #3: AC overuse

Solution: Change air filters and install ceiling fans.

We all know the weather in the DMV area can be unpredictable. From 60℉ to snow the next day, you never know what to expect - and neither does your HVAC system. When you rely so heavily on your heater or AC, your electricity bill will increase. The good news is, adding a ceiling fan can reduce that cost for the warmer half of the year. Contact your local electrician for a professional ceiling fan installation, and you’ll notice a lower summertime electricity bill. You should also be regularly changing your HVAC filters to help everything run smoothly and avoid overworking the machines.

Problem #4: Energy hog appliances

Solution: Be conscious when using dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers.

If you’ve already upgraded to more energy-efficient appliances but still notice a high electricity bill, you may be overusing them. Even the most energy-efficient dishwasher, dryer, and washing machine will still increase utility prices when it's working overtime. Make sure you’re running these heavy-duty appliances effectively - filling to capacity, regularly cleaning and removing lint, and using consciously.

Problem #5: Hot showers

Solution: Remember - your water heater counts towards your electricity bill.

When the weather in Maryland and Virginia dips below 50℉, nothing is better than a long, hot shower. But what many customers of our electrical services don’t know is that your water heater is often connected to your electricity bill, so taking tons of long showers will affect the amount you pay monthly. However, if you don’t think you can give up your 30 minutes of relaxation, try the other electricity bill tips on this list before you shorten your showers.

Problem #6: Energy vampires

Solution: Unplug whenever possible.

Your electricity bill per year doesn’t just increase based on big appliances - leaving your phone plugged in 24/7 will also impact it. Vampire appliances, or appliances that use electricity even when powered off, cost Americans around $3 billion a year. In fact, the average electricity bill per year for a household is likely $200 more due to vampire appliances alone. The solution? Unplug your phone, computer, and other devices from the wall when they’re done charging, and don’t assume electronics aren’t using your electricity when they’re powered off.

Problem #7: Inefficient lighting

Solution: Substitute for CFL or LED light bulbs

Every home and business owner needs helpful and aesthetic lighting, but some lights are more efficient than others. If you’ve been using outdated lightbulbs in your light fixtures or lamps, try upgrading to more energy-efficient LED or CFL bulbs. You might even consider modifying your home with the help of a licensed electrician to add a well-placed light installation. Incorporating better lighting will not only save you on energy costs, but it can help you get through the dark winter months.


Reduce Your Maryland or Virginia Electricity Bill with the Help of EM2 Electrical Services

Start using our electricity bill tips today to lower your utility costs this month. And, for every tip that requires the help of a licensed electrician, we’re offering a full range of services to business owners and homeowners in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland, including residents of Fort Washington, Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun County, and the surrounding areas.

It’s not easy to run a home or business, and costs stack up. You already have to pay your mortgage, internet, and insurance in a never-ending list of monthly bills. But with a few simple tips, you can enjoy a little extra spending money in your pocket - and spend less time stressing about upcoming electrical bills.

Learn more about our services and how we can help you reduce electricity costs with efficient electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance for your home or business in Virginia or Maryland.


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