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When Will You Need Residential Electrical? Residential Virginia & Maryland Electricians

When Will You Need Residential Electrical?

If your lights have started flickering and you've confirmed that there's nothing wrong with the bulbs, it won't take long to think of contacting a home repair electrician like EM2 Electrical Services to locate and fix the problem.

But flickering lights are just one of the scenarios that call for residential electrical services. Get informed about other electrical issues before you need help, and you'll be better able to plan for them.

Let's take a look at other at-home electrical issues that require the help of a licensed residential electrician.

1. Broken Appliances

Broken appliances are often a cause for an electrician. Over time, wiring gets brittle, causing connections to suddenly break and cut power in unexpected places.

If one of your appliances stops working for no apparent reason, this is likely the cause. In fact, the first thing any appliance repair person or DIY manual says to do is to make sure that the machine is actually receiving power. This is because outlet failure is relatively common. In these cases, you need a home repair electrician, not an appliance repair tech.

2. Electrical Accidents

You may also need residential electrical repair because of an accident or misadventure.

For example, if you trip and spill a glass of water right into an outlet, it can cause a short that overheats that outlet before the breaker trips. Then, even after everything has had a chance to dry and the breaker has been turned back on, you may find that you no longer get power through that outlet. Alternatively, it will start to get dangerously hot when it didn't before. In these cases, an electrician will likely need to replace the outlet and some of the wiring connected to it.

3. Home Remodeling

Fortunately, there are also good situations that can call for residential electric services.

The most prominent of these is home remodeling. If your project includes the addition of new appliances that draw large amounts of electricity, you'll need to add new circuits and outlets in order to run the machines. Then, you'll be happy to see the residential electrical services pro arrive because his presence means that your project will be one step closer to completion.

4. Adding High-Power Tools

The same is true if you want to add high-powered appliances or tools without general remodeling.

For example, if you want to put a shop-grade machine into your garage for woodworking or auto repair, it will often need a new circuit or even three-phase power. Then, an electrician's services are an essential part of the plan.


When you look for an electrician, make sure to choose one who can help with your upgrade plans as well as provide residential electrical repair. Then, you won't have to seek a new provider as your electrical needs change.

At EM2, we offer a full range of electrical services for your home or business in Alexandria, Fairfax, Arlington, Loudon County, Fort Washington, and the surrounding areas of Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland. Learn more about our electrical services and book yours now.


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