Electrical Panel & Fuse Box Repair in Virginia & Maryland

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When an electrical panel or fuse box is installed, it seems like something that should never need electrical repair. After all, it has few moving parts, so what can wear out? Unfortunately, the answer is actually "everything." Like all material objects, electrical panels and fuse boxes are subject to entropy, and will eventually need electrical repair or even replacement. That's why you should contact EM2 Electrical Services for electrical panel & fuse box repair in Virginia & Maryland.

Corrosion is one of the main threats to electrical panels & fuse boxes. This is especially true if they are somehow exposed to water, for example, due to a roof leak or flood. However, the mere humidity in the air will eventually allow rust to begin, and with it, problems with the electrical panel's components. Of course, if enough water gets in, it will cause immediate electrical shorts. Then, electrical panel or fuse box repair becomes an electrical emergency need. Otherwise, the electrical panel or fuse box may last for many years even with rust, until it finally gets bad enough to need total replacement.

Individual breakers inside of an electrical panel do have moving parts, and if they are tripped enough, they will wear out. Then, electrical panel repair will involve replacing the failed and failing breakers with new ones. This should cost far less than redoing the entire electrical panel, assuming that only a few of the breakers are affected. That said, if inferior breakers were used at the time of installation, you will likely find that they frequently break outright. Then, it's best to go ahead and replace them all with better ones.

Signs that electrical panel repair is needed include breakers that instantly trip whenever current is drawn, flickering lights or computers that suddenly reboot themselves, or heat coming from the panel. Some of these issues can be caused by other electrical problems, too, so your electrician will usually use a meter to pin down the exact source of the issue before recommending a specific repair.

In many cases, an electrical panel or fuse box will be in perfect shape, but it will still need to be replaced. The main reason for this are changes to the electrical code that require an electrical panel upgrade to meet the new specs. The most obvious example of this is the change from the use of fuses to the industry-wide use of breakers. However, this isn't the only reason to get an electrical panel upgrade.

If you remodel your house, add new high-draw appliances, or upgrade your commercial building, you may find that your current electrical panel simply can't meet your new electricity needs. Then, an electrical panel upgrade will be needed. The new electrical panel can provide more circuits and/or circuits with higher power capabilities to not only keep your lights on, but also run your new Jacuzzi, shop equipment, and more.

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