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Generator Installation Virginia  Electrician

Is it worth getting a whole house generator?

Installing a whole house generator is worth the immediate cost - it can increase your home's value by up to 5%. The initial cost of installing a whole house generator pays off when you consider its long-term value. Not only that, but the ability to maintain power during severe weather relieves you of any stress during the inclement weather of Virginia & Maryland.

What is an electric generator?

An electric generator is a device that can sense a power outage and deliver backup power to a home or building. With professional generator installation, you can protect your home from power outages, ensuring that you’re able to use appliances and outlets in your home even when your area loses power.


Do you need an electrician to install a generator?

If you’re asking, “Can I install a whole house generator by myself?” the answer is: you do need an electrician to install a generator. Meeting generator installation code requirements is no easy task. The device also connects to your home’s electrical system, so it’s crucial to hire a professional electrician to ensure everything works safely.

​Why choose EM2 Electrical Services?​

  • We're locally-owned and operated in the Washington DC area: With EM2, you get qualified electricians with over 15 years of experience working on Northern Virginia and Maryland home and commercial electrical systems.

  • EM2 is licensed and insured: Trusting someone to care for your home or business is difficult, which is why we value comprehensive team training to meet insurance and licensing requirements.

  • We always offer timely electrical service: You never have to wait around for a call from EM2 - we pride ourselves on excellent and transparent communication about the cost and schedule of any project.

  • Our affordable electrical services help you save: Don't pay more when you can schedule a high-quality, affordable electrician near you with EM2. 

Booking a generator installation with EM2 Electrical Services also means you’ll get an expert electrician’s advice on the best generator brand and size, how often your generator oil should be changed, and more.

Questions? Contact us for a free estimate and answers to all your generator installation questions to help you make the most informed decision.

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