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Electrical Safety Inspections | Maryland & Virginia Licensed Electrician

What is an electrical safety inspection?

An electrical safety inspection is a thorough analysis by a professional electrician that ensures all electrical systems are working correctly and in safe conditions. Every home, rented property, or commercial building needs regular electrical safety inspections to protect the area from electrical dangers. 


Are electrical safety inspections required?

Legal requirements for electrical safety inspections differ by state and county. However, regardless of your area’s laws, an electrical safety inspection is crucial if you want to keep your property safe and working efficiently.

Do I need a professional electrician for an electrical safety inspection?

Only a certified professional electrician can provide the proper safety inspection. At EM2 Electrical Services, we give a careful examination of your entire home, ensuring all electrical systems are functioning safely and efficiently.


What happens if you fail an electrical safety inspection?

If a licensed electrician from EM2 finds that your home fails a safety inspection, we will advise you on the best steps forward to quickly get your home in working order. Depending on the diagnosis, we may be able to fix it that day, and if not, we will schedule a timely appointment for your electrical issue.

Why choose EM2 for your commercial or residential electrical safety inspection?

When you work with EM2 Electrical Services, you get our promise of quality every time. Our local Virginia and Maryland electricians are trained to identify minor and major electrical issues you may not notice.

At EM2 Electrical services, our team is:

  • Trained to diagnose a full range of electrical issues.

  • Equipped with the proper tools necessary for minor and larger-scale repairs.

  • Available for emergency service when you spot an urgent repair. 


We're here to keep your home or business safe from the dangers of electrical faults. Over time, even the best electrical systems deteriorate, and issues start to appear. But with regular electrical safety inspections, you can stay on top of your commercial or residential property to save on costs by preventing more extensive damage.

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