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Emergency Electricians in Maryland & Virginia | Why Do You Need an Emergency Electrician?

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Find Electrical Emergency Services Before You Need One: Emergency Electrician in Virginia & Maryland

The infrastructure of a house or building usually doesn't get much thought. However, if something goes wrong, it can create more upheaval than problems with most other systems. The elements most likely to produce widespread issues include the wiring, the plumbing, and the roof of a house or building.

Because of this, many people keep the numbers of emergency roofers and plumbers handy. But all too often, the electrician is forgotten until the power goes out.

Don't wait until an electrical emergency arises. Find electrical emergency services before you need an emergency electrician in Virginia & Maryland.

Contact EM2 for electrical emergency services in Northern Virginia & Southern Maryland.

It is vital to pay special attention to electrical emergency services. Knowing who the best local emergency electrician is and how to contact the electrical company for same-day electrician service is critical.

Electricity does far more than power your lights.

It also keeps your refrigerator and freezer cold to prevent food from rotting, runs your cooking equipment, and - in many cases - powers your water heater. A fridge and freezer can easily contain hundreds of dollars worth of food, and with a power outage of just a few hours, that food can spoil, costing you time and money.

If you run a commercial building, having an electrical problem can be even costlier.

A busy retail establishment can lose thousands of dollars an hour in missed transactions if the registers aren't working, and a grocery store's coolers easily hold tens of thousands of dollars worth of food as well. Factories are at least as dependent on electricity, and without it, they may lose the ability to produce hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products.


As you can see, the number of the best local emergency electrician should actually be at the top of your list of emergency contacts. The ability to call electrical emergency service providers quickly is absolutely crucial, whether it's for your house or a giant factory. In all cases, you need to get the power back on as fast as possible to prevent severe financial loss.

How to Find an Emergency Electrician

If you don't already know of an emergency electrician, you should immediately start your efforts to locate one.

  1. Try searching Google for "Find emergency electricians near me" to start, and then narrow down the choices based on the reviews.

  2. Make sure the electrician is able to work on the type of system you have. The most basic division is between commercial and residential systems, so ensure your electrician is licensed to work on your specific electrical system. Some emergency electricians work on both types, but not all do. Check their sites, and if they only advertise one, make sure it's the one you need.

  3. Once you find a likely electrician, the next thing to do is make sure they offer electrical emergency electrical repair services. Not all electricians do electrical emergency electrical repair services in Virginia & Maryland, but every area should have at least one emergency electrician who is willing to come out as soon as you have an electrical issue.


If you work or live in Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland, contact EM2 Electrical Services. As a locally owned and operated emergency electrical service provider, we're always here for your commercial and residential electrical emergencies, repairs, and installations.

We've been proudly serving Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Loudon, Fort Washington, and the surrounding areas since 2007. Call us by 10 AM for same-day electrical emergency service, and make sure to add us to your contacts in case of an urgent electrical issue.


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