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Electrical Panel Upgrade & Repair in Northern Virginia

Signs of a bad electrical panel:

  • Buzzing, hissing, or cracking sound from panel

  • Flickering lights

  • Burning or fishy smell

  • Rust on panel

  • Panel is warm or hot to the touch

  • Frequently tripping breakers

What is an electrical panel?

An electrical panel, or breaker panel, is the service box that connects your home to its main power line, distributing the electricity throughout. Electricians often call the electrical panel the “heart” of the electricity in the house because of its essential role in powering the building. Most breaker panels contain a main breaker, circuit breakers, and a series of bus bars to receive power and transmit it through the circuit breakers to the circuits.

Why upgrade your electrical panel?

Electrical panels need to be upgraded to maintain the safety and functionality of your home. Over time, breaker panels deteriorate, developing issues with properly distributing the power resources. If it is malfunctioning, your house’s electricity will not perform at full power, leaving you to find a safe and reliable electrical panel upgrade.

When to replace electrical panel:

You should replace your breaker panel roughly every 20-30 years. However, breaker panels can also develop issues faster than that, especially if other electrical system elements malfunction.

What do you do when a circuit breaker keeps tripping?
In some cases, you can fix a tripped circuit breaker without the help of an electrician. High-energy appliances like TVs and space heaters can overload a circuit breaker, causing it to trip repeatedly. If you notice your breaker seems to trip after turning on a particular appliance, check to see which outlets the breaker controls and move your devices around to give the breaker a break!

We always recommend contacting a local electrician for electrical issues that keep coming up, like a frequently tripping circuit breaker. When at-home remedies don’t work, it’s best to get the help of a professional so they can inspect your system and prevent any major damage.

Don't let a failed electrical home inspection delay the sale of your Virginia home. Our licensed Virginia electricians specialize in electrical home inspection corrections.​

Securing a knowledgeable electrician is vital for keeping a structure's electrical system in proper working condition, improving the chances a home will sell, and enhancing your daily quality of life. To this end, EM2 Electrical Services provides top-quality electrical correctional services for homes throughout Northern Virginia. 


Electrical Panel Upgrade & Repair in Northern Virginia

Do you own an unsafe electrical panel?

If your home or building was built before 1990, it likely uses an outdated main electrical panel or box. Unfortunately, these obsolete panels aren't just out of fashion like your favorite 90's clothing - they're also dangerous for the health of your home and family.


An electrical panel is designed to shut off power when the safety device, like a fuse or circuit breaker, trips after too much electricity flows through. By shutting off the power, they protect your building from fires caused by overheating, burnt insulation, or sparks.


Your older home or office building may have one of these outdated electrical panels:

  • Zinsco (GTE-Sylvania)

  • Federal Pacific Electric (FPE)

  • Challenger

  • Pushmatic

  • Fuse boxe


Some of these electrical panel brands are dangerous because the internal components melt, preventing them from tripping when there's a short. Others burn out quickly, requiring frequent replacement to prevent igniting an electrical fire. In general, it's wise to have an electrician check your electrical panel's health, even if it was installed in the last ten years.

Though your electrical panel is designed to help your home or business, when it goes on the fritz - you’re in trouble. Without a functional electrical panel, the electricity in your building doesn’t get distributed properly, leaving you without the resources you need to live or work efficiently. Luckily, EM2 Electrical Services is here to resolve the issue quickly, so you don’t have to wait without power.

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Why call EM2 for your circuit breaker and electrical panel repairs?

  • EM2 is a locally owned and operated company built on delivering high-quality services and developing trusted relationships with our community.

  • We’ve been serving the Northern Virginia area for 15 years.

  • Our local electricians are trained to provide you with innovative solutions.

  • EM2 ensures that your home meets electrical panel upgrade code requirements to keep your family safe.

  • We offer a Panel Repair and Maintenance Service Plan that lets you save on the yearly costs of panel repairs with a monthly payment of $65

Contact EM2 for Electrical Panel Upgrades and Repairs in Virginia

With EM2 Electrical Services, you receive professional panel upgrades and maintenance in addition to helpful advice on all your electrical questions. Learn how an electrical panel works, where an electrical panel can be installed, and how often to upgrade your breaker panel, along with any other electrical questions you have.

Electrical panel upgrades can be very costly. At EM2 Electricians, we offer affordable electrical repair and upgrades, so you don’t have to dread the day you need to replace your electrical panel.

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