Electrical Home Inspection Corrections

Repair Electrical Home Inspection Issues Requiring Licensed Virginia Electrician

Our licensed Virginia electricians specialize in electrical home inspection corrections.  Don't let a failed electrical home inspection delay the sale of your Virginia home. Securing a knowledgeable electrician is vital to keeping a structure’s electrical system in proper working condition. To this end, EM2  Electrical Services provides top-quality electrical correctional services for homes throughout Fairfax County and surrounding Virginia counties.

Do You Own One Of These Unsafe Electrical Panels?

If you own an older home (built before 1990) in Virginia, you might have one of these outdated main electric panels/boxes hiding in your home.

And these outdated panels don’t just make you uncool like a pair of outdated bell-bottoms might. They can also be extremely unsafe.

You see, electrical panels contain safety devices (either fuses or circuit breakers) that trip and shut off the power when too much electricity flows through them. This helps prevent fires caused by overheating wires.

  • Zinsco (GTE-Sylvania) or GTE-Sylvania panels were popular electrical panels installed in homes throughout the 1970s. Zinsco is now defunct, but many homes still have these panels. Why they’re unsafe: The circuit breakers inside many Zinsco panels melt to the main ‘bus bar’. This means the breaker can’t ever trip, even when there’s a short or overloaded circuit. So if there ever is a short or other problems, the surge of power melts wires and starts fires in your home.

  • Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) For a long time (1950s-1980s) Federal Pacific Electric was one of the most popular manufacturers of electrical panels in the United States. And they were installed in millions of homes.But these panels are extremely unsafe. Why they’re unsafe: FPE electric panels’ circuit breakers fail to trip when they should (when there’s a short circuit or circuit overload). This problem has lead to thousands of fires across the United States

  • Challenger (Eaton/Cutler Hammer)

  • Pushmatic.

  • Fuse boxes are old electrical panels that use fuses instead of circuit breakers to protect your wires from becoming overloaded. When a circuit draws too much electricity, the fuse burns out and must be replaced. Why they’re unsafe: Fuses aren’t inherently unsafe. They work just like circuit breakers (except they can’t be reset and must be replaced.) However, most fuse boxes in homes today are unsafe because they’ve been modified to try to serve today’s energy demands.

What Cause Electrical Panel Fires?

A failure or malfunction within the electrical components of equipment or machinery can cause electrical fires. Electrical fires originate in electric wires, cables, circuit breakers, and within electrical components. Fires start in electrical panels from overloaded circuits or age of the electrical panel.


Electrical Services

Offering a diversity of services is important to ensure complete customer satisfaction when on the job. Fortunately, EM2 Electrical Services can offer a range of important electrical services. These include:

  • Electrical Maintenance

  • Installation of Lighting Fixtures and/or Switches

  • Wiring Upgrades and Repair

  • Remediation and Installation of Circuit Breakers

  • Electrical Panel Upgrades

  • Assessment and Correction of Code Violations

  • Exterior Lighting Installation

  • Installation of Emergency Generators

  • Electrical Inspections

  • Home automation

  • Home Electrical Inspection & Correction

  • Surge protection

  • Electrical heating

  • In-floor heating

  • Electrical Retrofitting

  • Electrical home inspection

  • Emergency electrical

  • Structured cabling

  • Rewiring service

  • Commercial lighting

We address the needs of both commercial and residential properties. This allows us to serve an expansive client-base, including larger companies requiring complex electrical overhauls, as well as smaller jobs related to home electrical repair and renovation.

Get InTouch With An Electrical Expert

Top-rate electrical repair and installation can make all the difference in one’s home. EM2 Electrical can provide the very best in electrical services capable of addressing a number of electrical issues. To learn more about our entire range of services, please give us a call today.